Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just have to recognise that

I'm just not good at some things... Well, God made us in different shapes and sizes and nobody is perfect. There are some things I feel I'm good at, eating, messing up my room, making people laugh. Some things I am not so good at directions, remembering things, chasing girls.

When you try your best to change some things, but they don't, the next best thing is to learn to accept it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tidying some pencils

Some pencils were scattered around on my desk. I picked them up one by one. I placed the pencils in the drawer which I use to store pencils.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cockroach wars

About 3 months ago, I had this encounter with a cockroach. I know what you're thinking (yuck, kel's home is so filthy! so many cockroach stories). Well I have to say that my house is quite clean really. Just that from time to time, a cockroach will show up and try to be funny.

Anyways I was on my comp in the living room one day 3 months ago, when I suddenly heard a fluttering sound, like a plastic like sound, something like 2 fingernails hitting each other (something like that lah). I looked to my left and saw a cockroach the size of thumbdrive right beside me against a pile of boxes on my white chair.

I was like, geez, my house needs cleaning! I rushed to grab my weapon of choice, a roll of old newspaper. I sneaked towards the beast and swiftly brought it down whacking it. Not that I'm bragging, but my aim is usually spot on.

However, I couldn't find the body anywhere, thinking that it got away, I carried on with my comp.

Guess what...

Yesterday, amongst the boxes, there it lay...

It was so dead that it's legs fell off. All that's left is that crispy black body I had to pick it up with toilet paper. Buried it in the dustbin that day. R.I.P.