Thursday, March 26, 2009

Forgetful Jones

I keep forgetting to bring my shoes to the office for my evening runs twice a week.

Therefore, I shall officially go buy another pair. I'll park a pair in office, and the other at home. I leave no escape for myself.

No more excuses for runs!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God

In this time and age where we live in, we are constantly on the go. We have so much to accomplish everyday, there is no time to lose.

Some of us are students rushing projects, some of us are working adults trying to hit our datelines to please our bosses, some of us have to help take care of our families because they need us, some of us have so many friends we spend all our time with different groups of them, that by the time we finish one cycle, it's time to go back to the first group. Some of us are so tired during the week because of activities, the weekends are reserved for sleeping.

Every reason stated above is legitimate and fair.

But because time is finite, we often choose the more important things we want to accomplish, leaving out those things which are less important to a later date.

When we are squashed for time and under immense stress, we often reveal what are our priorities. Our priorities are not what we say with our mouths, but rather, are manifested in the way we spend our time.

For a kid who spends all his time on video games, his priority are video games. For a teenager who spends all her time on chasing idols, her priority is her idol.

Seek first the Kingdom of God means you make the House of God your priority. Everything else that you can shift around you go ahead and shift. Your life revolves around the Christ and the church. Not the other way round.

Only by putting Christ in the center of your life can there be abundant life and victory.

"We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed-"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The dullest blog in the world

Yanfen recommended me this awesome blog.

Very very very very... ... ... dull

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ethan's 1st Birthday

Ethan is one! Wuay Boon and Shannon threw a big party for him at Sentosa!Time flies, it was like yesterday Joyce and myself went to visit him in the hospital when he just got born. I still remember he had finger nails cut cause he was scratching himself. See how he has grown... Anyway on a totally separate note, someone mentioned that I looked a little like Leng Feng... Just for fun... haha

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday (Part 2)

Enough words. Just pics now...

Cell group@SRC. Tks for the "tao pok"Colleagues@Suki Sushi YioChuKang. Tks for the kiwi face. Lay eng stop poking me!WYZ leaders@Giraffee Doby Ghaut. Tks for the "surprise". Karen tks for the drink! Clara tks for the cake! You're the best birthday cake maker in singapore! Go start business!And all the good looking people gathered at one place that night for that moment.
The hunks... so strong and macho...Tks baby for the effort. Your home cooked teriyaki salmon rocks. I'm going to grow so fat because of you!

Happy Birthday (Part 1)

Want to say a big thank you for all who made my birthday special. Thank you Pastor Zhuang, W416, N425, Colleagues, WYZ Leaders, Parents, and of course my baby Joyce.

While I wait for photos to be uploaded, I shall first post about some birthday wishes I received.

Baby Joyce: Happy Birthday dear! I love u!
Jimmy Kwan: Bro kel,sincerely wishing u a happy birthday today.
Raymond: Hi Kel! Here's wishing you a very very HAPPY birthday!! ...etc
Joshua Liew: happy birthday!!
Jeremy Liang: Happy birthday kel! :)
Sharon Wan: Yoohoo! Wishing you an amazing wonderful awesom happy blessed overflowing breakthrough bdae! Happy happy bdae!!
ChyuanWei: Happy birthday ! ;)
XingJuan: Hi, kelvin, happie birthday! Have a great day n may ur wishes come true... Stay happy n healthy... ;-)
Elder Goh: Happy birthday
Davis: Happy birthday bro!
Jeremy Kuang: Hello kelvin. Here's wishing you a great,blessed,happy 27th brithday. Thanks for everything that you've done in my life! Have a great celebration today (=
Edwin & Rae: Hi kelvin! HappyBirthday! Wishing you great joy and many many lovey dovey days with mei mei de joyce in this great year.
Yufen: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! may you enjoy yourself to d fullest today! :)
Wendy Fong: Happy birthday Kelvin! Have a great celebration today! Cheers! :D
Mervyn: With who.. And happy birthday
Alvin: Happy Birthday Jason!!! Wahahahaha! God Bless you! Have an awesome celebration! ;) *no typo here, alvin always calls me Jason...*
WuayBoon: Hi Kelvin, happy birthday! ...etc
Gavin: Happy birthday kel! May you stay handsome and get promoted this year.
Weiren: Haha happy birhtday again! :-)
Suryanto: Harlow.. Hope u hv a great b-date tis yr. Pray tat all ur dreams wil come true. Keep on soaring high in e Lord! Happy birthday n God bless.
Karen Tay: Hey kelvin, thanks for having us as surprises even though it's something new to you! Enjoy yourself in the next 1.5h too.
Faji: Haha happy birthday! :@D
Nicole: Hi kel! Happy birthday!! :D have a smashing year ahead and i know you'll be so so so blessed in all that you do! :)
Audrey Yeo: It's been many years and I've not forgotten.... Happy BLESSED BIRTHDAY!!! :-)

By Facebook
Joel Chew: Yoyoyo.... =) Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Greater things coming your way!
Jasmine Kon: Happie Birthday, Kelvin! =) You are blessed!
Yang Yi: Happy birthday bro!
PeakSha: hey guo-er, din get to see u on my previous trip! Catch u in may!!!Have a great b'day
YiKai: Happy birthday tmr dude! Best wishes!
Aileen Goh: *sends me a happy birthday bear*
Christina Liu: happy birthday wor!! =)
Cindy Png: Hello Guo, Happy Birthday! Its been fun working with you in the zone. Let this year be greater for you! :D
Terry Miles: Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy (times 100) Birthday!
Ivan Gerald Lee: Mr Guo! Happy Birthday!
Donny Tan: happy birthday guo! zhuhai! affliction! haha
Jaydee: hey dude, happy birthday man!
Suzy: Happy Birthday! May the lord crown u with abundunce ..dream come true. Blessed yr ahead
Felicia Lee: Happy Birthday Kelvinnnnn (:
Jiawen: Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
Jamie Phua: Happy 30th birthday! opps, oh ya! not yet, but coming soon la. lol!
Adrian Lee: Yo bro! Happy Birthday!
WeiChuan: Hey Kel, Happy Birthday :)
Kok Siang: Kelvin, Happy Birthday!
JiaYi: Hello, Happy Birthday. Still remember those days during cg you, me and Clarise always celebrate our birthdays together. haha. Oh yes Enjoy enjoy... waiting for your BIG day!
ChyuanWei: kel, kel, kel, happy birthday man! ;)
Jason Tan: Happy Birthday! You got your present from Spurs last night so I can save money...
Gwen Teng: HEY!!~~~ Happy birthday to you man!~ Have a great birthday today!~
May Lo: yoyo! happy birthday to yoU!!! have a blessed year ahead. =D.
XingJuan: r u trying to say how popular u r?? haha.. anyway happy birthday once again...
Claris Loh: happpppy birthday Kelvin! :)
QiuPing: Hey Kel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May 2009 be the year of abundance for U.. =) Be blessed! May your wishes come true! Enjoy ur day! (",)
Raymond Hsu: Happy Birthday Kelvin!!
Joyce Tham: Happy Birthday Mr Guo =)
Pranee: hey kelvin..!!! happy b'day to you.. =) continue to shine in everything you do and be blessed too..!!!
Naresh: Hi Kelvin! Happy Blessed Awesome Fruitful Birthday! Be Bless and All the Best for the Year 2009! :)
Gladys: happy birthday! =D
YuTian: hi.......nearly missed it... happy birthday....... gosh i must have been burying my head in the sand....when's the big day? congratulations
Altona: hey happy bday bro
Jamie Ho: HeYYY.. Kel HaPPY BiRthday!! :)
Michelle Ow: Happy Birthday! :D
Eugene Tay: Happy Birthdae Kel =)
JunMing: Guo-ge, Happy BirThday~!!!! Hope u have a wonderful and enjoyable day~!!! may god bless u in everyting u do. :D...