Monday, September 19, 2011

Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Liverpool

I like to do player ratings after massive results like these.

Friedel - 5. Can't comment on his performance cause he didn't do much the whole game. Good job staying awake throughout the game.
Walker - 6. Promising, fast and likes to go forward. But gives the ball away at times.
Kaboul - 6. Decent game, dealt with Carrol's physicality pretty well.
King - 7. Considering he doesn't even train with the team. Good game.
Ekotto - 7. Another consistent performance. Again not much threat after the sent offs.
Bale - 6. Shades of his Champions League form, however lacked power during crossing and shooting. A few bad misses, didn't even hit the target.
Modric - 9. Redknapp better start thinking of a replacement for this guy. Not a single mistake the whole game, every pass was perfect. Superb goal too.
Parker - 7. So much better than previous game. His usual breakup play style gives little for the defenders to do. But his passing has the creativity of a rock.
Kranjcar - 6. I'd rather use him as a super sub, rather than a regular. He should cross more and fall down less.
Defoe - 7. This guy only scores goals that are difficult. Easy goals he fluffs.
Adebayor - 9. Scores two. His hold up play is what Spurs are lacking last season. Crouch and Pavluchenko can never do what this guy does.

Van Der Vart - 6. A few good passes, but didn't really make a big difference. Needs to get back to full fitness.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Prayer for my son

Dear God,

I pray that my son will grow up to be

Happy and Healthy

Clever and Witty

Rugged and Sporty

Obedient and Courteous

Courageous and Valiant

Gentlemanly and Kind

Understanding and Wise

Spiritual with the Fear of God

In the Name of Jesus,

But if in any case I can only choose one pair, I would choose happy and healthy. (I've got Nothing to blog)