Monday, June 22, 2009

Lost in Ubin

We got Lost in Ubin a few weeks ago. It was a great time of fun, as this is one of the few times, we did outdoor outreaches for our WYZ Tertiary group.It was a lot of hard work! Especially for Jeremy Kuang, Peng Huat and also Weiwen. They really cycled Ubin many times. So much so they didn't need any maps anymore. It was tatooed into their brain.
We had background workers like medics too! Thanks for volunteering your services, Felicia, Clara, Edward, Jeremy and Angela.About 220 people turned up for this. which means that there were about 220 cyclists. Much grass died that day.Yuzhen really enjoyed herself. Enough said.Sprawled around Ubin were 23 checkpoints which teams would need to find. They are very well hidden, haha. Many complained that they couldn't find them. They even said, that it doesn't exist. Of course they found it eventually. No choice. Tertiary level, need to make things challenging. Haha....Are you ready? 1, 2, 3 GET LOST!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Day

People come and people go. Well, this saying is so true, it's time to say goodbye to my good friend weihowe who is moving on in his career.
We had a special farewell BBQ on our company's rooftop just for him. Had some simple food, not full scale BBQ, but sort of like a mini-BBQ. Nowadays who wants the hassle of a full blown BBQ?Oh look, here are some hungry ghosts eating their food. Yummy.Some of my lunch gang colleagues... haha... not all of us from the same project, but we always hang out.
What's a BBQ without a beer or two? Maggie really became very red after her bottle. She's the one with the big bottle. Yup. I had my favourite bottle too. Very sweet. = D. Jennifer is being crazy again... as usual... haha... And Wayne is joining in, being crazy also... Why is this happening?? Oh well, if you can't beat them, join them. Haha... Vincent just freaked out! All the best in New Zealand Weihowe!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another hawker surprise

After encountering the vegetarian sambal fried rice, I had another culinary adventure, or should i say misadventure.

I was suppering with Joyce at Chomp chomp the other night. We ordered white fried carrot cake.

When the carrot cake arrived, it was extremely oily and with little or no egg. I mean the egg is like half an egg. It was more like fried white turnip only.

Not being one who complains, I just ate it, only to find some surprising finds in my carrot cake... ... ...

A chunk of Otah.

I kid you not. I was like ??? How come got Otah in my fried carrot cake?! If I wanted otah wouldn't I order otah? Was it a new cooking style? Was it because the hawker didn't like my face? Why otah?!

My conclusion is that the stall was selling otah as well. So it was probably an accident.

Maybe next time I would find a chicken drum in my bak chor mee.

A chunk of Otah! gosh.