Friday, January 21, 2011


I like things to be in a certain order, folding blankets after you get out of bed, aligning my car seats so that they are in line with each other, washing my cup in the office on monday mornings are just a few of my habits.

I like things to be in good condition, trying to make them last as long as possible, like wallets, watches etc. Recently i noticed some scratches on my seiko frankenmonster, worse still, the clock face had a few chips due to my carelessness. Ouch.

I was pretty disgusted in the beginning, it's almost like the whole watch had lost its value. Its no longer perfect, scratches on the face! I would be reminded that its defaced everytime i look at the time.

Should I get another watch? Should I?

Then soon after, I kinda forgot about it, got used to it,

Sometimes i don't even notice the scratches anymore. Yes it's old and not new anymore. But it bears my mark, followed me through daily life, and its still keeps good time, its still my trusty watch!

I guess you don't need something to be perfect to love it.