Saturday, July 21, 2012

Korean Poison

Thanks to Joyce I'm watching this Korean Drama Roof Top Prince the second time round...

So what makes a good korean drama?

To me the plot is the most important. It must be fresh, interesting, realistic and have twists along the way. I can accept far fetched shows with themes like time travel, dinosaurs, aliens, etc. That can be as absurb as possible. But for the natural parts, it needs to be as realistic as possible. Eg. two people cannot fall deeply in love suddenly out of no where. A character cannot change his thinking so suddenly it becomes unbelievable.

Character development
As dramas are usually across 20 episodes typically, the pace must be correct. Developing a character too slowly puts people to sleep. Developing a character too fast, doesn't cause it to be digested by the viewer easily. Developed characters make you feel as if you know them as real people and want to see how they react to the plot.

What is a drama without laughs. As I said, it should be a good mix of plot, character development drama spread out across the episodes. Laughter opens the hearts of the viewer and allows the drama to input something in the heart. Great scenes usually happen after funny scenes.

Good lookers
Hey, to me all korean actresses look the same. Some say its because they visit the same plastic surgeon. I don't think the actresses or actors here have done plastic surgery. I half suspect botox, but thats not the same. Anyway, I am totally okay with plastic surgery. (although i will never allow joyce to do it. Joyce you reading this?) If your job requires you to look good and young, by all means look the best you can. It is just professionalism.

Touching scenes
I guess touching scenes are the ones that make the drama memorable. The word drama means there must be some drama. I have to say out of hongkong dramas(usually the ending is quite abrupt and plot is usually predictable), taiwan dramas(i think abit too draggy for me), korean dramas are the best.

I'm still poisoned so watching 2nd time. But i think my poison is dispersing so I might just finish it and that's it.