Monday, April 19, 2010

What a weekend!

Spurs 1-3 Sunderland (shock)
Spurs 0-2 Portsmouth (disappointment)
Spurs 2-1 Arsenal (delight)
Spurs 2-1 Chelsea (confidence)
Spurs vs Man Utd (???)

What a comeback! Now we are in pole position for 4th. It's between us and Man City now...

This weekend will be crucial for us. Hope for good results! Going for the long awaited win at old trafford and rooting for Arsenal(Wuayboon Sweesiang jia you!) to crush Man City.

Edwin Ong, its crunch time this weekend. It will be a good game.

Haven't seen such a tight race this time of the season in a long long time.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comeback Kings!

Sunday was a bad day for tottenham. It's the semi finals of the FA cup against Portsmouth in Wembley. Tottenham were favourites to win it obviously(Portsmouth are bottom of the league/relegated), but football is football. We lost it 2-0 in extra time.

I won't blame the pitch that made Dawson slip up in the crucial moment, both teams played on the same pitch. I won't blame the referee for giving a penalty right at the end. But it was a gloomy night for me and Joyce (we watched it at my parents place at hougang until 2am before heading home to Simei).

We have to bounce back!!

As Redknapp says, "Winning a match doesn't make you a good team and losing a match doesn't make you a bad team. It's how you perform throughout the season."

Words of wisdom.

Beating Arsenal will effectively end their title bid while strengthening our place for a Champions League spot. Massive game at the Lane tonight. Massive. (Swee Siang and Wuayboon watch out!). Also see

My head says it is a draw but my heart says it is a win. So Come on you Spurs! We're still in it for fourth! Manchester City will be favorites now but who cares? Just go for it!