Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heeeeee Yarrr!!!

One of my colleague(WeiHowe) actually complained that I've not been regular in posting my blog. So now here it is. Are you happy now?! haha...

After Tuesday's meeting, we had a special kick boxing class catered for all the leaders. We had plenty of fun. I literally had flash backs of my taekwando days. Yup. I am a yellow belt green tip. I can hear all of you say "chey" right now... haha... but still. Don't mess with me!

We started with some stretching exercises...
Then the instructor taught us the basics, like foward left punch, foward right punch, left hook, right hook, left uppercut, right uppercut, foward kick, slamming kick, turning kick, roundhouse kick and turning back hook kick (like Neo in the Matrix, when he kicked Agent Smith's sunglasses)
Faji kicked so fast, everything was a blur... haha...
Even Shannon kicked really hard... haha...
After which, the instructor actually taught us a few combos, you know, those combos you see when you play King of Fighters or Marvel vs Capcom, pple of my generation should know. I have to say, I felt quite powerful. Like Ryu. In fact, every time the instructor shouted uppercut, the guys shouted back, "Shoryuken!"
Team 2! KungFu....! Yup, I was trying to do a round house. I did it, just that this was the landing part...
Elder even tried a Wong Fei Hong, "Wu Ying Jiao" (No Shadow Kick) with the help of HonYu...
That's not all, the instructor also had a few special defense moves for the ladies in case they meet with attackers, quite interesting
Of course, when it came to my turn, she just punched me.

Now all I have to do is to find someone to teach me "Hadoken"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Singapore's most expensive chicken rice

Went to Chatterbox on Saturday and ate Singapore's most expensive chicken rice.

Rice + Chicken + soup = $23++

Granted that the food was not bad, I had a feeling I was paying for the view instead which was very romantic, or should I say "lo-man-tic". The night view of orchard road at the 35th floor is not bad. (You can actually see abit of orchard road in the window)
Side tracking abit, this is the watch which I gave her for her birthday. Those are embedded Swarvoski crystals. Haha.
After which we went down to Cosmos Bistro to relax and to visit Alicia. "Tiao Jiu" Queen. Haha, she did our drinks for us. (Non-alcoholic cause I was driving)
Stayed there till 1230am talking... and also digesting the chicken rice.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Goodbye Derrick!

Reached home at about 2am last night after sending these people home: Doreen Ng, Eehorng, Joyce Tan PeiSan, Jeremy Kuang.

You see, we just had ate our last supper together with Derrick. Why? Because he is enlisting today at 11am. Don't worry Derrick, you'll survive. Just think of it as a "Tekong Chalet".

Jalan Kayu (prata)-->Clementi (Doreen)-->Woodlands (Eehorng)-->Woodlands(Joyce)-->Serangoon(Jeremy)-->Hougang(Me)

This is not my record taxi adventure. My record taxi adventure left me reaching home at 3am.

BoonLay-->Woodlands(Jamie)-->Tanjong Pagar(Rachel)-->Bugis(XiuYi)-->YioChuKang(Kenny)-->Hougang(Me)

Anybody knows where I can get a Taxi Sign to put on my car

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 1 year 3 months!

Just want to thank my baby for being such a wonderful girlfriend. She's so supportive, thoughtful and always understands and cheers me up when I feel down. We've been together for 1 year 3 months ++ and never once did I regret being together.

She's my own personal GPS when I drive, (my sense of diretion is senseless), she's my own personal assistant (when I need to print stuff), she gives the best massage (for aching shoulders), she gives the best advice (when I'm not sure of what to do), she remembers everything in her head (I can't remember what I can't remember).

Pastor always says, "Whatever you don't treasure, you eventually lose."

What would I do without you? I love you baby.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Baptism & Farewell Chalet!

What an eventful week, firstly Felicia got water baptised... congratulations!Secondly, I had this farewell chalet at DownTownEast. We practically played Wii almost the whole night...Concentrate... Concentrate!!! As you can see, we are very serious in wii... Focus!
After wii, we watched Ju-on, well actually, half of us watched Ju-on, while the other half watched the back of their eyelids. And after that, we went to eat our supfast (Supper-cum-breakfast), which made Davis very happy. The rest of us were pretty sleepy... Don't know what I was eating... Haha...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Default Thai Food Place

Today my cg went to our "default" thai food place again! Thanks to Clara, the official marketer for this thai place. This place serves cheap and good food!

Not to mention the nice home made ice cream place next to it, very cheap, $2.50 per cup.

Anyway, Doreen brought her little sister Eileen to join us. Only 10 years old. I have not seen someone so young in a long time.
We watched BATMAN 2: THE DARK KNIGHT afterwards. Very nice movie, 4.5 stars out of 5. A semi-horror, semi-hero movie with good pace. Go and watch it if you have not!
You know, I dressed up as BATMAN once during a costume party. Check this out...
I made it myself... Haha...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello World

System.out.println("Hello World!");

Finally after all these years, I've gathered enough momentum to start my blog.

Always thought that blogs were a hassle to upkeep.

Let's see how long this one will last.

Stay tuned... ...