Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lead a Disciplined Life!

This phase is my motto from now till the end of the year. I think alot of things can be solved if you lead a disciplined lifestyle.

If you run regularly and eat properly, you'll be trim and fit.

If you do your homework and projects consistently instead of waiting till the last minute, you'll not be stressed and you'll probably get better results.

If you balance your time for church, work, family, spouse, you'll probably have a happier relationship life with your loved ones.

Today I was struggling whether to run in the morning or not, I decided to go ahead and run. Covered 3.7km under a hot sun. Almost died. But happy.

Btw, I got this new Mizuno running singlet for $19 (on 40% discount). A bit heavy for a running singlet, but nevermind.

Lead a Disciplined Life! Don't procrastinate!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lord of the Rings

I used to like to tell this joke. "Do you know what are the 3 rings in a marriage?" The answer is, "Proposal ring, Wedding ring, Suffering." Hopefully there's not suffering.

Anyway, I'm getting married in January, that's another 3 months. Wow. Things are happening so quickly!

Decided to pop by Orchard Ion's jewellery belt to get our wedding bands. Simple and nice.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lean and Mean is the way to go

Joyce says that she doesn't like guys to be too bulky and chunky. "Lean can liao."

I have to say that I've been slacking in terms of running. I've been doing a little work with my weights at home, so I kinda neglected my running. 10 Kg each.

In fact, the dumb bells I have are a little worn out, while the running shoes I have at home is almost brand new. Man. Time to run a bit.

Totally random, my granny who was there when I took these photos