Monday, August 2, 2010

New things

More than half the year has passed. Its already August! Looking back, this year is really a year of new things.

I got married in January. New wife.

I moved into a new home in Simei in February. New home.

I lost my phone in a cab in July. New phone (sort of... thanks nick).

I bought my first car with my wife in July. New car.

I am starting work in a new environment in August. New job.

Truly, its nice having new things. The rush and the excitement of owning something for the very first time is indescribable. 

But how do you maintain something which is new? Do we lose our interest in our new things quickly? Do we then look for other new things? 

I'm quite a sentimental person. My pair of Billabong berms lasted me 10 years, since JC days all the way till today. My backpack lasted me 6 years since NUS days all the way till last year. My seiko watch that i bought last august will probably last me the next 10 years. woahaha..

I believe its good to own new things, and to update ourselves. But there are some things that's worth holding on to. I quite like classic, timeless things. :)