Monday, August 25, 2008

My Running Buddies

These are my running buddies. Yup they aren't human, but they are essential for my every run.

My first buddy is a pair of Asics running shoes. I'm a firm believer of Asics after running over 100+km in total training for the AHM 21km during my NS days. These things are comfy, light and provide good ankle support. My next buddy is my Timex Digital watch. Making sure I keep pace with my timings and pushing me to run faster to hit my timings. Its small and light.

My last buddy is female (pink). Yup, its an old creative muvo mp3/radio player I borrowed from my gf. Radio keeps me forget about the monotony of running. Some songs make me run faster.
Run run away ya!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Run for your life

I'm going to start an initiative to make running a lifestyle.

Yes yes, I have tried many times to run regularly but sad to say, I'm still not a regular runner.

One day, I realised that running and sports is really about taking care of your body and making it last as long as possible. God willing, I want to live to 100. That would be the year 2082. =>

I'll add a column in this blog to record the number of times i run a week.

My aim is 3 times a week. (approx 3km per run). That's about 12 times a month. Not bad for a start.

If any week, I fail to hit 3 times, please feel free to "suan" me. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WYZ zone website!

Check this out! Our very own website!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to You....!

Let me introduce you to the hippest looking mother I've ever seen, Auntie Annie! She's like a motherly figure among us. What's more, she looks like 40+ only when her son is Jeremy(oldie). How can that be? SKII ?

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Frankenstein Laptop

My laptop is dying. Had it since my Uni days, my faithful Toshiba Satellite A10 of 5 years.

1) Laptop Spine Cracked (Screen cannot stand, uses bookstand for support)
2) Keyboard failure ("q", "a" and left sided keys are not working)
3) CDrom drive spoilt (cannot read CDs, can't even close else it makes funny noise)
4) Types "l" by itself continuously after using it for a little while. (without me pressing "l")

Failure number 4 takes the cake. Couldn't do anything at all last night. Maybe it's time for a new one...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Will you marry me?

Well to cut the long story short. Joyce sort of guessed that I was going to propose on National Day. Cause well, I actually keyed into my hp calendar. Keyed this in very long time ago, just that I forgot to delete it. Well... (don't make this mistake guys)

Anyway, I brought it one day foward, 08-08-08, cause i know girls love surprises. The plan? To ambush her after her cg. Needed the help of my "La-La-Dui".Roles & Responsibilities of the Proposal Special Missions Team ==============================================================
Raymond: talk to her long enough to give us time to set up
Aaron and Ariel: bring us to the correct house
Her CG pple: make noise and distraction (like normal noise after cg mtgs)
My CG pple: set up signboards...
and candles... and also background music Jeremy: Photographer + Videographer
Doreen: Sound control
Asher: backup vocalist
Kelvin: the proposer

3 essential items for a proposal (and reasons why I brought them)
1) Guitar (otherwise, she might not marry you) 2) Roses (otherwise, she will not marry you) 3) Ring (otherwise, she will not marry you + throw guitar + throw roses at you)

Can't show you the picture of the ring as I do not have a photo of it. It's a decent ring. The price? It's a secret.

All went well in the end, even though i "gabrah" the song and speech. (Funny how slowly your mind works, when you're trying to propose). But she cried, and that's what I wanted to see. Wanted her to feel special. PS. Thank you W416 for your support. You made it happen!

PS. Check out Joycie's Jewel for her perspective of this day.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The sparrow is small, but the 5 organs are complete

Went to Carls Jr last night for a dinner. We had about 5 meals altogether, and this was the aftermath. Hadn't had Carls Jr for a long long time. I had forgotten how massive their burgers were.
I ordered a Portabello Mushroom Burger with 2 beef patties. Almost had problem finishing it. To my horror, Doreen of all people finished her burger with ease. She even finished her fries. Look at her small frame and big appetite...

Recntly I bought another small thing that is complete .I bought recently was the new Creative Zen X-Fi (8GB). Got it for $29. Cause got some subsidy (Heh Heh). Basically a portable video player. Not that bad overall. The most important thing is that it is small and light and can be carried around in my pocket without looking like I'm smuggling a brick.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to the Future Part 1

I have decided to do a series of blogs called, "Back to the future". Here and there, you will see flashbacks of the olden days and recap the old times, for those who know me quite some time ago.

This one was taken a couple of years ago...

Yup. You guessed it! This has something to do with my batman costume (See previous blog posts). Presenting to you, from the left, the fairy godmother(Xiuyi), Snow White(Audrey), Fiona from Shrek(Rachel) and Hulk (Kenny). We all spent quite alot on the costumes. Except the Hulk.

Eh Vincent, this is all the picture I have. Do you have any more?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Run Run Away Yah!

Went running with Pastor and a few of the my friends on Saturday morning, namely: Kelvin Tan, Suryanto, Rayvin, Edwin, Donny, Cindy Png, BeeLing, Duncan and Raymond.

Me for one, have not been consistent in running at all. We ran approximately 4km and I was already feeling uncomfortable. But overall, it felt good and running with friends sure beats running alone.

Isn't that what life is? Running together? Sure beats running alone. When you feel like stopping, you see the person beside you running with you, makes you feel like carrying on.

A toast to friendship!