Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spurs 9 - 1 Wigan

When was the last time you saw a EPL match where the scoreline had a 9 in it? In my entire life as a spurs fan, about 13 years now, the biggest scoreline I can remember was spurs 6-0 oldham. That was the FA cup I believe. I would not have dreamt of a 9 goal rout. To win by 8 goals is nothing short of magnificent.

It could have been more. 2 shots shaved the posts and the Wigan goal was a handball, so it shouldn't have counted. I could have well been 11-0. But I shan't be greedy. Heehee.

The scoreline was great, but what's even greater was Spurs played so well. The commentator said things like,"so easy on the eye" and "its already 6-1 but the scary thing is, there is still 20 minutes left" (spurs scored 3 more). The thing is, when individual players made mistakes, a team mate covers for him. The substitutes had great attitudes as well, instead of sulking, they stepped up to the occassion. Bentley even had a wicked freekick resulting in number 8.

Player ranking for this game out of a score of 10.
Defoe(10) - Scored 5 goals with great accuracy and power. And still hungry for more.
Crouch (6) - Needs 10 chances to score 1 goal. Not a big fan of his.
Lennon(10) - Ran circles around edman the entire game. He finally learned how to cross properly.
Kranjcar (9) - Side stepping and spreading play superbly. Perfectly weighted passes. Makes it look easy.
Huddlestone (9) - Threading through passes from inside the Spurs half. Who needs Carrick?
Palacios (7) - Winning the ball in the middle of the pitch. The iron fist in the Spurs velvet glove.
Jenas (6) - Substitute. Didn't make his presence felt against a poor Wigan side.
Bentley (8) - Wicked free kick makes up for some mistakes. Needs more match practice.
Corluka (7) - Slow and steady. Would be better if he was fast and steady.
Dawson (7) - Braveheart. Would risk his neck to prevent a corner.
Woodgate (7) - Nothing much to do to be honest. Plays a little to the side for a center back.
Ekotto (7) - Love to see him running down the flanks more.
Gomes (7) - Besides the goal and a few catches. Practically unbothered.

Martin O'Neil must be peeing in his pants right now.

As a parting note, I loved how the commentator said it in the end. "Spurs wiped the floor with Wigan". And that's why I love my Spurs. COYS!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 months time...

Wohoo... 17th January 2010 is drawing nearer and nearer. Just went to my granny's place for her birthday celebration. She's 83!

My young cousins are also getting older. Andrew is already in primary 4. Shannon is 1.65m tall for a secondary 1 girl. Wow. They grow up fast!

Also, all my aunties are so excited about my big day. They want me and joyce to "jing char" to them. They can't wait.

I also can't wait to see what ang bao they will give. Muahahaha...