Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think I'm old

Just played a game of football with Ronald Yong, Edwin Ong, Adam and Rayvin last Sunday @ Kembangan.

The pitch was slightly damp after the rain. EngWee and Joyce Tham were the earliest, they and their usual gang of childrens church kakis were there.

Playing brought me back to the good of secondary school days where splattering mud was the norm on our white socks and shoes. Running Sprinting to get those long balls or doing empty overlapping runs felt really good. Apologizing for every pass that went wrong was nostalgic.

But somehow, the old body isn't what it used to be. Instead of recovering in a day, my thighs are still stiff and sore up till today(3 days). Considering i didn't try to run alot on Sunday, I cannot help but admit, I feel old.

I guess when you're older, you don't play with mindless running, but you play with your head.

I hope this is a regular affair. Can't wait for the next game.

(but let me recover first. ouch.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My VW Sales Exec just called me... say that my car is arriving in singapore this week. Give some time to do checks and registration, th delivery date is by mid july latest. Finally after almost 4-5 mths of waiting. my tin can with 4 wheels is coming.

This is going to change my life forever! Freedom of travel, extremely expensive erp and carpark fees, as well as the ability to bless others with a ride home. (especially the easterners) :D

I can't wait! Yahoo!