Monday, September 29, 2008

Mambo Jumbo Retro Night !!!

Finally, after one week, my blog is alive again. Haha. We had this rocking time called Mambo Jumbo @ SP guild house. I must say, the place is quite nice. The deco was very very nice. *appluse* Of course, what is a retro party without a disco ball. Haha... Presenting, our walk of fame. Beegees, Michael Jackson, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and of course, CHAO MONG.
We all came dressed up in very retro clothes. And hair styles... Jeremy Kuang Shang Hai Tan! And we also had By2 that joined us! Male version. Haha!Friends also joined us. All the way from Korea. The Korean Hunk, Jin Bok! Kam-seh-ha-mee-dah!
We had a humourous drama by our drama team! What a laugh!
Of course, our CG members were there too! We had this retro door gifts for friends. Old Maid, Yoyo, Rubix Cube(not so retro nowadays), bubble bottles (in my office now), pick up sticks (Nick Chor stop playing ah!)and the famous little "bubbly-thingy-that-smells-like-plastic when-you-poke-a-straw-into-it-and-blow" thingy.Some gave up trying to blow it. I'm not mentioning any names... ...
Clara's friend came too! KJ. Not Kel and Joyce, but Kuo Jin!
The feedback on food was not bad. Food can make or break an event. As someone once said, a hungry man is an angry man. But whats up with the yum seng... Haha... So funny...We played Chee Koo Pah competition and had this really retro lucky draw prizes. Consolation prizes include 1st generation PSP(aka brick game), 3rd prize is a fan, 2 prize is a phone, and 1st prize is a rice cooker. How retro is that man.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mooncake Festival

Today, somebody was commenting that I do not blog that often anymore. Well, to all my fans out there, I apologise yet again.
Anyway, I'm going to talk about last week's moon cake festival gathering. Each of us was supposed to bring a mooncake type each. There were all sorts. Durian ones, (as you re reding this, my keybofd just died on me), home mde ones, lin rong, etc etc. We met in the fternoon, so there ws no moon. Still tht didn't stop some hunks from using lnterns. Xio Ting Tng. Fbin mde his own mooncke. I hve to sy, uite impresive.
Oh y, the hippest mum ws there s well. Wohoo... My kybord is getting on my nerves...

fter the entire thing, some of us went to shop for our MMBO JUMBO event next sturdy. It's going to be n wesome time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to the Future Part 2

I love Cao Meng! You have to watch this if you have not already done so. Best dance ever.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Recently, a few people around me have been experiencing a stressful week. Some had stress from work, some had stress from university, some had stress from money issues.

I myself had a nervous week. Work piling up, bugs that never die, tight deadlines. But just have to believe and chiong I guess. OT OT! (Time to stock up on snacks)

Been watching abit of Band of Brothers recently. One of my favourite shows. Some lines from Liutenant Winters. "Keep moving! We have to keep moving!"

Whatever it is, a word of encouragement to those who are feeling stressed. 加油!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Outing

Went out with my extended family the other day. Extended as in Joyce's sisters, Jessica and Jane. Went to Cartel to eat. They all look Sama-Sama.Of course, WeiQiang and I were there. Rushed down after work. Phew, it's been a busy few weeks.
The food was good at that time because I was hungry. See my face? That's the way I eat by the way. Very fierce.
Looks like I have a new disciple. Hahaha... Amusing! Sorry Jane, I can't resist posting this up. Muhaha...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Into the Pool

It's been a busy busy few weeks for me nowadays in all aspects of my life. I want to say sorry to all my fans for not blogging as often as I wished.

Anyway, been sometime since I last played pool. Used to be quite good in my JC days. Last Sunday, managed to get a few hunks to play together.
And a few babes... ... Introducing... Samantha!!! *clap clap clap*
Top Challenge: Jeremy vs WeiQiang... Miss a shot, and these guys will almost clear half the table for you....
We also trained a few new proteges...
Looks like I've not lost any of my skills... ...

Nice skill eh? Haha... And to Layeng, my dear collegue who is pestering me to show her the photo of the ring... here it is...