Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Money Money Money

Met up with Karen the other day talking about my finances, I realised I have to really find out where my money goes to every month. Because I had no clear idea. My rough idea is so rough.

Because of this, I've been faithfully keying in every expenditure for the last 3 weeks. I have to tell you, that the bulk of my money goes to birthdays, weddings, red packets and taxis so far. Maybe I should make less friends... (kidding!)

Anyway, I'm making a conscious effort to save especially on travel, and food. The good thing about my company is that I can eat a simple vegetable rice meal for about $2.10. That means $10.50 for one week of weekday lunches. (Oh What savings!)

The challenge is to save vigorously and at the same time be a generous person. What's the point in saving religously and turn into a scrooge. Maybe I can be selectively generous... hmm...


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sorry for not blogging...

Reason for not blogging?

Maybe it's due to my bout of fever over the 4 days I fell sick, but I think I lost abit of weight. My jeans feel baggy (like my old Alien workshop baggy jeans).

Well, it could also mean I am a lot busier, more work means more energy being used, which means weight loss. Recently due to deadlines, my entire project has been in an OT frenzy.

Gosh, my gf asked me the other day, "must you work so hard?" I was like, "no choice leh, got a lot of work, and not enough time".

Nowadays I find it harder and harder to make time to do things. Seems like, I very often need to choose to do some things and forget about the other. I need grace...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am a Taiwanese

Well, one week after returning from Taiwan, I realised that I am still missing Taiwan. (lesser now though) Man, I really love the place, nice (cheap) food, friendly people, beautiful scenery. Things you can't really find elsewhere.

Anyway, reason for being in Taiwan if you don't already know, is for my wedding shoot with Joyce. It was fun taking the photos. (I won't be revealing any shots until next year)

The sunset at dan shui is so beautiful. Just a golden yoke sitting on the clear endless horizon. A flawless blend of orange,yellow and blue. God's very own paint brush dancing on the evening sky, perfecting every stroke as the sun dims. You got to go see that.

I am really a Taiwanese on the inside.